Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quiet House/No Kids/No Kittens

Today, I moved my daughter back to college for the last time!  This is her last semester; she graduates December 15.  Of course, that also means that in 5 days less than 4 months we have to haul it all back out and back here again!
I do miss my daughter but I am glad that her 4 month old kitten is also gone.  What a change it's been having a kitten in the house.  The cat that we've had for 3 years liked playing with the kitten at first but now is just annoyed with him and was always mad at him.  The kitten had no fear of the big beast of a coon dog that we have.  I was so nervous because the dog could have swallowed that kitty in one gulp at first.  He's a little bigger now so he'd be two bites now!  The dog never did anything but sometimes he did snap at him.  He barked and growled at him sometimes.
I've been telling the older cat that soon we'd go back to our adult lives with no kids around!
3 day old kitty back in April

4 month old kitty loaded up and ready to move to college

nervous about 2 hour drive with kitty
All moved in and found a new window to sit in

So, the kid is back to college and I have my space and my quiet back!
The kitten was all over the place.  If I lit a candle, I couldn't take my eyes off the candle or the kitten so I haven't lit candles very often since the kitten moved in.  I had to be very careful just opening the oven door.  Usually, if my daughter wasn't home and I was going to start cooking, I'd put the kitty in her bedroom.  It was like having little kids again.  (although, I couldn't shut the kids in bedrooms when I was cooking!)

So, I'm going to  sit here, read some blogs, see what my friends posted on Facebook today, and enjoy the smell of the candle I have burning as my adult cat sits here enjoying the absence of a tiny sibling!!

Runner Nerd
empty nester once again

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