Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prom Night for Runners

Tonight was one of my very favorite races.  It's called the Red Carpet Run.  The theme is the Red Carpet and celebrities.  The run takes place in West Bloomfield, MI. 
This year I found my dress in a thrift shop for $7.00!!  It's sapphire blue and sparkly, my favorite!!
I went to my friend, Erika's place to get ready!  We both wore long gowns this year. 
Erika and I right after arriving:
Arrival on the red carpet
Upon finishing this race there is no medal; there is a champagne flute! 
Erika and I with our champagne flutes:
Finisher champagne flutes
Running group friends:
Crazy runners
I had no idea how I was going to run in that dress.  It wasn't hard to run in it at all; it had enough room that I could run with my full running stride.  It was sunny and 82 degrees when the race started so, of course, I was quite hot and sweaty.  My first mile was 7:59!  I knew I was in trouble!  During the last mile, the lining of the dress began sticking to my legs.  My dress made a swishing noise the whole time!  After I finished and stopped running, the lining was clinging to my legs and was worse than running in the thing!! I ended up with a time of 26:11 which got me 2nd in my age group! 
A "selfie" I took soon after finishing: It shows my tiara and the beautiful necklace I got from the exclusive boutique called Dollar Tree!
After finishing - sweaty in a prom dress! 
It doesn't get any more fun than this!  Now it's back to my regular scheduled programming - training for a marathon! 

Runner Nerd
runs in a dress


  1. How fun! I sooooooooo need to run this next year!

  2. It is a BLAST!!! This was my 3rd time running it. Every year my friend, Erika, and I go more and more over the top!