Friday, January 17, 2014

Can't get to Key West

I, Runner Nerd, am sitting in a chair in the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Meyers, FL.  I should be in Key West by now.  I was supposed to be there at 3:19pm but as of right this moment, 7:47 pm, I am not there.  The plane had a flat tire! 
Stranded travelers

They are estimating that we will be leaving at 11pm.  We had boarded the small plane, all 34 passengers, and then we were promptly told that we had to de-embark the plane.  I know these things happen and at least I'm in Florida and not Michigan.  I guess it will be fun to fly at night.  I'm just so disappointed.  I was so excited to be there today.  I've called the hotel and they said that they won't give our room away. 
Oh noooooooooooo.  They just came back to the terminal and said that our flight is CANCELLED.  Apparently, the crew needed to fix this flat tire is in TAMPA, which is a long way from Ft. Meyers. 
I have to go now, will finish this later. 

Runner Nerd
very sad not to be in Key West

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