Saturday, January 4, 2014

Longest and coldest run

Today, I ran my longest long run in training for Key West.  I ran 12 miles.  It was 17 degrees with a "feels like" of 0!  I got slower and slower the last 4 miles.  My legs got really tired.  I was so glad to be done.  I ran in a group training run with a marked route and water stops.  All that is left is 8 miles next Saturday and then it's off to Key West!!
After running, I went to visit my niece and help her out.  She's expecting her second baby and is exhausted right now.  She wanted a banana, she was craving bananas!  We went to Kroger to get bananas and a couple things she needed.  When we got there the parking lot was full.  We had to pull in where another car pulled out.  We weren't sure what was going on.  As soon as we walked in the store, we were greeted by a totally empty banana display stand.  Not a banana to be seen.  The store was packed; there were people everywhere.  There is a huge snowstorm and sub-zero temps in the weather forecast so apparently people are stocking up!  It's a good thing that she didn't need milk because we were also greeted by:
It's gonna snow so hoard milk!
The cereal shelves were also pretty bare!  She wanted Life cereal and there was plenty of that on the shelf!  The checkout lines were really long and went down the isles.  It was crazy because you had to find your way through the people in line for checkout while you were in the isles shopping.  I needed a bag of cat litter so I got that.  I went through the U-scan and there was barely any wait.  I walked up and in a minute a checkout machine became available so I texted my niece to hurry up and get down there because there was nobody.  (She had went and got in a long line in a regular checkout.)  We were really glad to get out of there. 
When I left to drive home, it had not started snowing in Ann Arbor where my niece lives.  When I got to Chelsea it was lightly snowing.  As I drove north of Chelsea there was snow accumulating.  The closer I got to home the more it was snowing and the more snow there was accumulated.  I had to switch into 4WD and drive super slow for the last few miles! 
Next week is an 8 mile night cross country run that I've done the last few years.  If we get all this snow that is being forecasted, it's going to be ridiculous this year.  The last two years have been muddy.  The race is loops mostly on a high school cross country course.  The first year I ran it the snow was deep and I fell.  Falling a week away from my half marathon in Key West is something I don't want to do!

Runner Nerd
getting ready to be snowed in

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