Saturday, January 25, 2014

Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K

I participated in a virtual 5K organized by a blogger who I follow.  Katie at Runs for Cookies put on her second virtual 5K on her birthday.  I had no desire to go running today.  It was snowing, the wind was blowing, it was cold, the road was snow covered.  If it hadn't been for this virtual 5K, I highly doubt I'd have run today.  I considered going to the Y to run on a treadmill.  There was just no way that I should be out running on the roads where I live in these conditions.  There is very little shoulder to begin with and with the snow there is nowhere to get off the edge.  I decided that I'd go run on the residential streets of Chelsea. I had to go somewhere to run, I would have to drive to the Y or I could drive somewhere to run outdoors.  I chose outdoors.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate running on a treadmill?  I think I have!! 
The streets had seen one pass of a snowplow but the footing was pretty bad most everywhere.  I took my selfie for my "results" at the trail in the woods behind the hospital.  (I stopped Garmie to take the pic.)  I really needed the rest; it was difficult running in the snow. 
heading into the woods
I stopped Garmie at 3.1 miles which was about 1/4 mile from the car.  I continued to run back to the car but needed the 3.1mile run for the virtual 5K. 
My results:
5K in the snow, not fast! 
I also took a picture of my shoes after I came out of the woods:
after running in deep snow through the woods
This is the collage that I submitted to Runs for Cookies for my virtual 5K:
Runs for Cookies virtual 5K
This is another one of those days when I sure didn't want to go out and run but was very glad that I did after I was done!  This weather can't last forever, or so I hope.  I've had enough.  

Runner Nerd
runs in snow

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