Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One more run to go before I'm outta here!

Just one more run in this frozen tundra that is Michigan in January and then I'll be running in sunny Key West!  Tonight was group run at the running store.  Only three people tonight; gee, I wonder why!  It was 24 degrees, the sidewalks weren't knee deep with snow like last week but there were patches of ice that we had to really watch for.  The roads in the two subdivisions we ran through were good.
I am so looking forward to Key West!!  I leave Friday morning!  My friend and I rented bikes today!  They will be delivered to us at our hotel soon after we get there!  We're both excited about the trip!  I don't know if I will be able to come in under 2 hours but I'm going to try and have fun trying!
I'm just about all packed.  I did my monthly weigh in at Weight Watchers today so I'm good for this month!  I'm sure I'll gain a few lbs in Key West!  I can't wait to get one of these gigantic cookies again!!
Well, I guess I should go organize my suitcase; I've been throwing things into it for the last week.  I will probably eliminate a few things before I go.  Tomorrow is my last day home and I have to leave my house early Friday morning so I need to be completely packed as well as have things around the house done, such as emptying the overflowing wastebaskets!  If I didn't empty them, when I get back there would be trash piled as high as they could get it to stay on top and then trash everywhere! 

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