Saturday, January 8, 2011

First race of 2011, first age group win

I ran my first race of the year and won my first age group award of the year!!  It was a small race.  It was an 8 miler night cross country race.  It was a fundraiser for a high school cross country and track program.  Four of the Thursday night running group members ran in this race. 

At the start line ready to go!
We all placed in our age groups!!
It was 15 degrees.  I fell during the race too.  I'm not sure why, but I think my foot stepped off the edge of pavement.  The race was on the school grounds.  I'm not sure what we were running on; it was some kind of driveway and was paved.  I think my foot stepped off the edge and I fell and got covered in snow which made my clothes wet and from that point on I was freezing.  It was around 5 miles into the run that this happened.  Much of the race was on grass and trails through woods.  That was hard to run on.  After the race I went into the school and changed out of my running clothes.  I am so glad that I took clothes; I almost didn't.  I was sitting at the school cafeteria table waiting around for the results with the others and saying that I wanted to just go since I didn't think I would place.  They said to stay there so I did.  I was shocked when I heard my name called first for the 45-49 age group!!  The medal is shaped like a star with runners in the middle!! 
Getting my medal. (wearing coat because I was still freezing)

Thursday night groupies showing off medals!

Right after race thawing out

Happy about my medal
So, that was exciting!!  Now that I am home I am beginning to feel all the places that hit the ground when I fell.  My left hip seems to hurt the most.  I have a burise on the side of my leg just below my knee. 
I've had enough winter now; it can go away now. 

Runner Nerd
age group winner

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