Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sooooooo, these new Vibram five fingers ads

I was sitting in the middle seat on an airplane, my 19 yr old daughter by the window to my left and a complete stranger to my right.  I take out my new Runner's World magazine.  The magazine naturally opened by itself to a double page folded ad.  It reads: YOU are the stability/arch support/pronation control.  Being a person for whom pronation control is a necessity I opened the folded ad and, OMG, to my surprise see a naked woman except for her Vibrams!!!!!!!!!!!  I have to say I wasn't expecting that. 
I also had a Running Times magazine that I bought at the airport and when I was looking at it last night I saw the same ad folded into this magazine.  I almost didn't open the page since I've already seen the naked lady and wasn't really inclined to see her again but for some unknown reason I did open it and, WOW, it wasn't the naked lady from the Runner's World magazine but....this time it was a naked dude!!!!!!! 

So, this is the new way of advertising running shoes?????

Runner Nerd
who may never throw away her Jan/Feb 2011 Running Times

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