Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cow in the road

I ran this morning mainly because I did not want to write a big ole zero in the little box in the lower right corner of my running log book.  I also would have had to copy the same number from the second line in the box which is the year to date mileage.  I had to miss Thursday night running group due to having to work late. 
I set off on my 5.6 mile loop on the roads where I live.  About 3.5 miles into my run I came upon a black angus cow just chillin in the middle of the road in front of the farm pasture he escaped from!!  As I got closer he began trotting down the middle of the road.  I got closer to him and headed him off the road into a field; at least he was out of the road.  This road does not have very much traffic; it's one of my favorite roads to run on and I can run down the middle most of the time. I decided I should go to the house and let someone know their cow got out.  I ran up the drive and knocked on the door.  The people were still in their jammies!  They were appreciative of me letting them know and for getting their cow out of the road!! This house has a very long driveway.  As I was nearing home I looked down expecting to see somewhere in the area of 5.57 - 5.58 and my Garmin said 5.8!  That run up and back that driveway added nearly 1/4 mile to my run so I decided I might as well run a little farther down the road and make it 6 miles. 
Today's temp was 15 - more than double the temp when I ran last Sunday.  I was wearing 1 less layer.  I guess there is more snow coming.  oh yippie.  I was thinking about the half marathon I signed up for which is Memorial Day weekend.  That's the end of May so 4 weeks of May, 4 weeks of April, 4 weeks of March = 12 weeks.  I don't have to really start training till March.  This afternoon I looked at a calendar and found that March 5th is 12 weeks out from the half marathon.  I can slack off for another month!!!  I hope we have better weather by then. 

I spent most of my day studying for a test on Tuesday.  My brain hurts, I still don't feel like I am anywhere near ready for the test.  I will be able to study tomorrow morning before I have to leave for school but that means I probably won't go running.  I've been running on Mondays before school which is surprising for non-morning person me!  Tomorrow I need to study instead. 

Runner Nerd
hoping and wishing for warmer weather and melted snow

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