Saturday, January 1, 2011

Emerald Nuts Midnight Run

This was the most fun I have had running in a long time!!  I can't believe it's over already.  I can't believe the weather!  It was 41 degrees which makes for comfortable running. 
We rode the subway to Central Park and just followed the crowds of people heading to the area where the race starts.  Emerald Nuts was handing out 2011 crowns.  Of course I had to have one!!  It was a mob in front of the tent where they were handing them out.  I finally got up there and my daughter and I got them and one for my sister.  (when she saw the crowd she said she didn't need one.) 
Doesn't everyone need one of these?

My daughter, me, my sister before the run.


I met up with a friend who lives in NYC.  I'm surprised that we were able to find each other with all the people in such a concentrated area.  We started making our way to the start and had to go quite a ways before we could even get into the starting corral.  There was music playing, people in costumes, lots of those noise maker horns,a bunch of kissing people and  lots of chaos!!  There was a count down and then FIREWORKS!!!!  We finally got moving and finally got across the start line 3.5 minutes after the run started to the sound of Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer".  It was slow going and nowhere to go at the beginning and for most of the first mile.  It took me nearly 12 minutes for the 1st mile.  The fireworks were still going off, I think I had run almost 2 miles when they stopped.  There were spectators all along the course and everyone was screaming and yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  There was a water stop and a champagne stop!! (my sister told me later that it was sparkling apple juice.)  I planned to run with my sister, I told her I'd stay with her even though she thought she'd have to walk a couple times.  It wasn't far into the run and she  pointed out a person dressed like a cat and I  pointed out 3 men wearing ties with running clothes and then I did not see her.  I looked behind me, I stopped along the edge and looked for her but never saw her again.  So much for that plan!!   I continued on running and then saw my friend.  We ran along together for a while then got seperated.  Later on he and his brother flew by me.  I didn't want to run very fast anyway, I wanted to take it all in because I don't know if I will ever get to do it again.  When I crossed the 3 mile mark I guess I got caught up in the excitement and decided I'd pick up the pace and run the last mile faster.  Toward the finish there were more and more people along the edge and they were coming out into the road farther and farther and high-fiving runners and screaming and yelling!!  I'm guessing it was around a half mile to go when I got passed by a giant banana!!!  When the finish came into sight I didn't want it to end.  My time was 39:53 but seemed like it was only a few minutes.  I saw my friend standing at the end of the finish chute waiting for members of his running club.  I stood there to watch for my sister.  He asked me how I liked it and all I could say is that I am definitely coming back someday!!  I wish I could do it every year. 
After New Years Eve Midnight Run
Sooooooo, Here I am, back in my hotel room.  I can't believe it's over already.  I've been talking about this and looking forward to it all year and here it has come and passed that quick!  I think I want to plan to do this again New Years Eve, 2012 which will mean that I am graduated and will be calling myself a Respiratory Therapist!!!  Hmmmm......I think it sounds like a plan!!! 
We have to check out at 10am which is only a mere 5 hours away so I guess I should get some sleep. 

Happy New Year and happy running 
Runner Nerd
bringing in the new year from New York City

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