Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am so done taking tests!!

I did it!!  I passed the third and final exam in the process of becoming a Registered Respiratory Therapist!!  I don't know of any other profession that requires 3 board exams.  (I'm not saying there isn't; I just don't know of any.)  My niece only had 1 exam to become licensed as a Registered Nurse.  I'm pretty sure my friend only had 1 to get his X-ray license.  I passed the first exam January 16th and that resulted in receiving my Michigan license in the mail two weeks later, which is kind of funny because most of the jobs require the higher level of registered so even though I had the license, I couldn't work yet.
I have had the worst cold for 6 days now.  It's just a cold, not flu or anything else but it's the worst cold I've had that I can remember.  I probably should have rescheduled the test for next week but I did it anyway.  I've had this headache that just doesn't quit.  I barely passed this thing today.  I'm glad that it's over.  If I'd have rescheduled, I'd probably have scored a lot better but it would still be hanging over my head.  This particular exam has the lowest pass rate, they tell us that over and over in RT school!   Passing is passing so I am very happy to be done with this process.  I took 3 ibuprofen before going to take the test and it did help but the headache was still there.  I didn't cough very much during the exam which was good.  My nose was only a little runny!  I had as many kleenex as I could stuffed in my pockets!
When I got home, I can't believe the dorky thing I did!  I signed my name with my new credentials, RRT, after my name just to see what it looks like!  I must have written it 20 times!!  I texted my niece and asked her if she did that with her name and the letters, RN, after she passed her exam and she said she probably did it 100 times!!
I graduated Dec. 15 so tomorrow it will be 2 months since graduation and I'm finally done with studying and tests!! YAY!!! 
Sooooo, tonight I try to sleep!  Tomorrow I get to be a bum for a day!  Next week I begin in earnest to look for a job!!

Runner Nerd, RRT
passed the hardest board exam with a headache!

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