Sunday, February 3, 2013

How far does my food travel?

I am  really missing in-season fruits in my part of the world. I know we are supposed to be aware of how far our food travels but I really like grapes and blueberries.  Lately, grapes come from Chile and they aren't all that great and it seems like I have to throw out more than usual because they are squishy.  The grapes are also tiny which makes removing them from the vine a pain.  It also seems like so many of the little tiny stems stay attached to the grape so I have to remove each one and that takes time.  I'm not much of a kitchen person! 
I saw blueberries in Sam's Club on Friday and they looked soooooo good!  I looked at the label on the box and it said: Naturipe Farms, Salinas, CA.  I was so excited because they came from within the United States!!!   I went back and forth on whether or not to pay over $6.00 for 1.5 lb of blueberries.  The deciding factor was that they came from California!! 
When I got them home and began washing them, I noticed that farther down on the label it said: "Product of Chile".  Oops!  Apparently, Naturipe Farms of Salinas, CA gets the blueberries from Chile and packages them under their name - or whatever.  Oh well!  They were sooooo good!!!  They are almost gone. I did not have to throw out very many for being bad, only a few.
I buy Whole Foods 365 brand frozen blueberries and other fruits; they are really good and barely more $$ than big supermarket brand frozen fruit.

I went running today.  It was 20 degrees and was snowing.  I always like running when it's snowing; I don't know why because I don't like snow.  I wore the shirt I bought last year that I never got to wear!  I wore it with a thin baselayer shirt under it and was fine.  I wore a hat today for the first time this winter.  I usually wear a headband.  I think I would have been ok with just a headband today.   I'm trying to push myself on short runs; today was just 3.5 miles.  My miles were between 10:18 and 10:47.  That's so slow.  I am even considering doing a few runs on a treadmill at the gym to force myself to run 9 minute miles and see how long I can run at that pace.  I must be desperate because I hate treadmills!! 

I recieved my Respiratory Therapist license in the mail on Friday!!  I couldn't believe that it came so fast.  So far, none of my classmates have received theirs and some of them took their exam well before I did.  Now, I just have to get these last two exams done so that I will be at the level of "registered".  It doesn't change anything but all the hospitals require it. 

Runner Nerd
Licensed Respiratory Therapist

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