Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sending cookies to Belize

I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies for my kid who is studying abroad this semester because she told me that she misses cookies.  She claims that she doesn't get cookies in Belize.  (she gets plenty of ice cream but not cookies!)  I wrapped each of the 36 cookies individually in plastic wrap then put them in a large ziploc bag, wrapped a sheet of bubble wrap around it and put it in a small box in which I had received one book from Amazon.  I enclosed a note and then sealed up the box and headed off to the post office feeling like a pretty good Mommy!  When I got to the post office and the worker put the box on the scale and entered in the shipping address, he looked up and paused before he said, "get ready; it's going to cost 29 dollars."  HUH????  WHAT?????  Oh, geez!  As if this kid's trip and the 15 credit hours hasn't cost enough already!!  I didn't even have enough cash with me and had to use my credit card to pay for sending the box of cookies!! 
One of the other students received a care package from home a couple weeks ago and she was telling me about all the stuff that was sent.  I remember her even saying that there was a jar of sunflower butter! (my daughter is allergic to nuts which was made known to the other students before the trip)  I can't imagine what that parent paid to send that box.  My box weighed just 2 lbs.
If you're going to send anything to Belize, it's $15.00 per pound!! 
I guess she's worth it!  She's a good kid! 

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