Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's going to be a lottery

The Chicago Marathon announced today that they are going to fill the remaining 15,000 slots with a lottery.  I am so glad that my Sis-in-law and I both managed to register.  I don't know how we did it. 
I saw the announcement on Facebook and the angry comments just flew in!  I spent way too much time reading comments! Many, many, many people said that they had registered but their friend did not get in before the crash or the other way around - their friend was able to register but they weren't. I also read that husbands and wives got one registered but not the other and many stories of some of a group getting in but not the others.   People are saying that if their spouse, friend, etc does not get in through the lottery that they don't want to run and are demanding refunds.  I'm not sure how far they are going to get with demanding a refund but then again, this was an unexpected mess! 
People feel that it's not fair because they were online and ready to go right at noon Chicago time with the 30,000 people who managed to register and now people who weren't trying to register have the same chance as them to get in through the lottery. 

I am just soooooooo happy that we are registered!!!! 

Chicago, here we come!!!!!!

Runner Nerd
got lucky!

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