Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm in!! I have plans for October 13th!!!

I'm IN!!  I registered for the Chicago Marathon today! 
What a process!!  I began promptly at 1pm Eastern time.  I had to refresh the screen 3 times before the registration button was there.  It took until 2:28 pm to get registered.  I'm not sure how many times I entered my name, address, email, phone#, estimated time, clicked the box for 1st Chicago marathon, and a bunch of other stuff and then clicking the I'm over 18 box, no refunds box and then did not get to the payment page.  I finally did get through to the payment info page but had to do that 3 times before I finally got the message: "please wait while we process your payment, this may take up to 3 minutes"  It took more than 3 minutes but, finally, I got the confirmation screen!!! 
It took another hour before my sister-in-law got registered.  Her and I are planning to run this together.  I wasn't sure if I should panic or not.  I had been researching and found out that last year the marathon filled in 6 days and the year before in 10 days.  I know that doesn't mean anything; this could be the year that it fills in 1 day.  Hopefully, it was just a rush of 10,000 or so people trying to be first to register!  The cap is 45000.  They ended up closing registration for a short while to "resolve the issues", as if nobody expected it!!! 
Tonight is running group; I can't wait to get there and tell everyone that I registered for Chicago!!!
It's going to be cold and windy tonight, oh yippie. 

Runner Nerd
registered for Chicago

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