Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun at the Factory - Seeing our new tractor being assembled

Yesterday, we loaded up and headed on over to Racine, WI to spend the night so we could be at the tractor factory at 7:30 AM to see our new tractor assembled.  My son had told me some time back that they had ordered a new tractor and would be going to the factory and see it being finished up and drive it off of the assembly line.  I had no idea that I'd be going too.  A couple of days ago, my son said, "Mom, you have to go too so you can take pictures and videos."  So, we lined up someone to let our dog out a few times so that I could go. 
They bring farmers in at the point where the cab is being brought to the tractor on an overhead conveyor and will be dropped onto the tractor.  After the cab dropping, we got to see the components of the exhaust system before they were attached to the tractor.  OK, I'm a girl and know nothing about exhaust systems except that it's where the smoke comes out of the tractor but this was very informative.  This tractor has a very efficient exhaust system and there is very little exhaust put out.  They said that it will not fill a barn with fumes when it is pulled in.  After that, we went off on a tour of the factory until it was time for the tractor to be started for the very first time!  The farmers got to sit in the tractor with an engineer who plugs a computer in and it checks everything.  The computer determined that there was a problem with the window wiper on the back window of the cab and that will be fixed after the tractor is finished.  Then we toured some more until it was time for the hood of the tractor to be put on.  Then the tractor got tires attached and then the farmers drove it off of the assembly line!!  I think they only drove it about 20 feet and then a worker drove it out of the factory to where it will wait to have the window wiper fixed.  In a few days it will be loaded up and driven to the dealership.  Our tractor will not get it's permanent tires until it gets to the dealership; they ordered tires for it that aren't put on at the factory.  (My son was quite disappointed that his big impressive tractor had such "ghetto" tires on it!) We will have it at the farm in approximately two weeks.  It was quite an experience! 
After the factory tour and driving the tractor off the assembly line, they fed us lunch!  Then we loaded up and headed home.  
I have many pictures but haven't taken them off my camera yet.  I will get that done soon and post some pictures. 

I am helping out at my old job tomorrow.  I'm doing some of my old presentations at a health and wellness expo tomorrow.  I'm not looking forward to putting on my old uniform; I work in scrubs now!! 

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learned about tractor exhaust system

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