Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good Run Today

I dragged my feet, put it off all afternoon; I knew I had to go for a run today.  I checked the temp, chose my running clothes and was off to Chelsea to run on the streets there.  I just like running there; I get bored running around here.  As usual, I saw several other people out running and that always motivates me so much. 
I was thinking that I should try running my pace for the 10K on Sunday, 10:25, but the first time I looked down at Garmy, she said I was running a 9:10 pace.  I was feeling good and decided that I should just run.  All of my miles were in the mid 9s!!  I'm getting back to my old running ways!!  I planned to run a route I ran the other day that took me 35 minutes and was 3.5 miles.  As I was on the homestretch, I realized that I was going to be back before 35 minutes so I ran around a block to add a few minutes to my run and I ended up running 4 miles even!! The reason for 35 minutes of running is because of how it works into the plan I am following to lose this crazy college weight gain; weird, I know, but it works!
It snowed lightly the whole time and I just had a really enjoyable run!  I don't understand why I like to run when it's snowing because I really hate snow!!  I think there is just something about running along with white "confetti" falling all around you!  It's so cool when it's snowing those really big, fat snowflakes, although that wasn't the case today.  

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