Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working on a comeback

This week, running group changed back to Thursdays like it used to be.  Tonight I ran the best I've run in a long time!!  5.5 miles in 52:19 or 9:24 average pace!!  ALL 5 miles were in the 9s!!
When we finished, I was spent but it felt good to push myself again!
It was 34 degrees and no wind so not bad.
I've lost 17 lbs now!!  Pre-college weight is getting close!!
I still have a while until a 16 or 18 week training program would begin.  I'm undecided on how to proceed until that time.  I'm super paranoid of getting my mileage back up because of the plantar fasciitis coming back.  My friend wants me to run a half marathon with her on June 2nd.  That's a week before an 18 week training program would begin.  It would be good to be up to 13 miles but then again, I'm not sure if I should because I'm so paranoid of the PF coming back.  Most plans begin with 6-8 mile long runs the first week. Every now and then I get some soreness in my heel.  It's nothing like when it was bad but it scares me.  Saturday night, it was letting me know it was there so I wore my splint to bed which I haven't done in a long time.  Sunday it was fine but I decided not to run.  I researched rowing machine workouts.  I found some you tube videos made by two gals on the USA Olympic rowing team.  They showed how to use a rowing machine and proper form and how to row.  I guess that should be a reliable source!  I found a "beginner" 20 minute workout.  It's much harder than it looks!!  It took me some time to get the hang of the form.  I could not get to the speeds in the beginner workout.  After I finished the 20 minutes, I just rowed for 10 more minutes.  I was dripping sweat!  I was sore the next day, in fact, I was still sore yesterday when I went back and did another 30 minute workout!  It was easier to get the form this time but it was still a hard workout.  I barely made it through the 20 minutes and by the end of the extra 10 minutes of rowing I was slowing down big time!  I do think rowing machine workouts will be good during marathon training.  I am looking into different things such as elliptical, rowing machine, swimming, biking.  I am thinking of running 4 days per week and cross training 2 days per week.  I hope that it will keep PF from coming back.   I just want to have a really good time with my Sis running the Chicago Marathon, especially after all we went through getting in!!  I saw an e-card on Facebook that said, "I hope running the Chicago Marathon will be easier than registering for the Chicago Marathon!"  Yep, that is how we feel!!

The former world's oldest college student and Valedictorian of her class is still looking for a job.  I've applied for a bunch but have yet to hear anything.  The two places where they were all excited about me when I was doing my clinicals and asked me to let them know when I have my Registered status haven't been back in touch with me after I called them.  Hopefully soon.

Runner Nerd
feeling like a runner again

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