Monday, March 11, 2013

Nanny Duties

I spent the weekend being a nanny!!  I stayed with my niece who has a 3 month old baby.  My Nephew had been gone all week for work and she was way behind on everything.  The wastebaskets were overflowing, the sink and counters were overflowing with dishes, laundry was overflowing all over the house!!  Yep, sounds like there is a new baby in this house!!
I arrived late afternoon on Friday after a frantic call!  I was heading her way anyway because the massage therapy place I go to had expanded and was having a party that night.  She also goes there so we loaded up baby and went to see it.  It's been a really long time since I've pushed a stroller! We stopped at the grocery store on the way back to her house and I pushed baby in stroller while my niece got a few groceries.

the nanny
When we got home it was time for baby to go to bed and she set out on that task!  I started cleaning the kitchen first since I know it's the thing that bothers her the most.  When baby was in bed we were talking and catching up and suddenly it was 10:30.  My niece said that she goes to bed by 10:30 because the baby wakes up during the night to be fed and then is up around 6 - 7 am.  It was really hard because we are used to being up half the night talking and laughing and goofing around on the internet.
During the night I heard the baby cry.  It's been a really long time since I've been woken by a baby crying!  I didn't have to get up with the baby!!  I did go and ask my niece if there was anything she needed but she didn't. 
Saturday we took turns baby holding and cleaning.  She's breastfeeding so I can't help with feeding.  We got a lot done.  She wanted to do as much of the work  as possible, even though I was willing to do it, so when she wasn't feeding I was holding baby, walking around with her or playing with little tiny toys with her.  Baby doesn't like to be put down very much.  My niece says that the most she will lay under a little thing that has toys hanging from it is about 10 minutes.  Oh, I remember those days!  It is impossible to get anything done.
Sunday we went to church then back home.  She fed baby while I swept the kitchen floor.  We went out to get some lunch and went back to the house shortly before my nephew got home.  I scooped all the cat litter boxes and then it was time for the nanny to leave since she wasn't needed anymore!
It was fun to spend time with my mini-niece but I am happy to be back to my empty nester life!! 
My niece gets so discouraged sometimes.  I tell her that I've been there and I know what it's like and she's not doing anything wrong, it's just the way it is with a newborn.  I think that when baby is able to sit up by herself, she will be better at entertaining herself while my niece is close by doing her work. 

Nanny Auntie and Mini Niece
So, that was fun!  I hope the nanny is needed again!

Runner Nerd
the nanny

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