Saturday, April 20, 2013

Best Long Run

Today, I ran 10 miles!!  The last time I ran 10 miles was December 29, 2012 in training for Key West.  It was a long, difficult run.  The trails had snow and frozen footprints which is very hard to run on.  It took me 2 hours to run it.  Today, I ran 10 miles in 1:30:44, a full half hour less!  I ran the December 10 miler on the Falling Water trail which is flat, today was the trails in Hudson Mills which aren't hilly but not flat either; there are some inclines.
My goal today was to have the overall average pace be in the 9s.  At mile 7, I realized that all of the miles had been in the 9s so I made the decision to try to run all the miles under 10 minutes.  It got tough the last 2 miles and I wasn't sure if I could keep the last mile under 10 minutes but I did!!

I don't know why but after I copied/pasted the splits from Garmin Connect below, I am no longer able to type below that chart so I have to type up here.

I can't believe that I ran 5 of the miles in the 8s!  The SLOWEST mile was 9:21!  Imagine that - 9:21 as my slowest mile!  My fastest mile was the first one at 8:47.  Geez, I must have thought I was running a 5K!   The last mile was 8:58 which I find hard to believe.  I felt like I was going so slow. 
This 10 mile run was faster than when I ran the Crim years ago!  Of course, the Crim has a bunch of hills that I didn't have today! 
Now, if the weather would just warm up and stay there!  It was 37 when I started and 39 when I was done.  It even snowed very lightly on and off while I was running. 
10 miles in 1:30:44, 9:04 avg pace
This is from Garmin Connect:
Avg Pace
18:46.6 1.00 8:47
28:49.4 1.00 8:50
39:11.1 1.00 9:11
49:19.4 1.00 9:20
59:18.1 1.00 9:18
69:20.4 1.00 9:21
78:56.5 1.00 8:57
88:55.9 1.00 8:56
99:04.6 1.00 9:05
108:58.3 1.00 8:58
11:04.1 0.00 14:20


  1. That is amazing!! You are so fast! Awesome job, girl!!

  2. Thanks!! School was tough on my running; I gained weight and had a lot less time to run. I feel like I am finally running like myself again! I can also run with and keep up with my friends again!

  3. Way to go Lorenda! You've come a long way and just like with wine, time has only made you better. :)