Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Have an Iphone!!

I never thought I would do it, but.....
New toy
I, Runner Nerd, have an iphone!!  This could be interesting!
I now have it activated.  I am familiar with the little square icons and the sliding my finger across the screen because I have had an ipod touch for several years.
I need to take it in tomorrow and get my contacts transferred over from my old phone.

Today, for the first time in a very long time, I did speedwork!!  I remember very well my last speedwork session.  It was in July and my foot hurt so badly that I quit early and limped back to my car in tears.  I think that was the day that I decided that I have to take time off in order to make it to the starting line in Key West in January.
Today, I got there before anyone else so I ran my warm up on the paved trail which runs behind the school where we use the track.  Only one other person showed up.  We did sets of 400s and 200s.  All 4 of my 400s were under 2 minutes!  That's good for me!!  My 200s were all under 1 minute.  I'm already doing way better than I was last year!!  It was cold and after I finished, I went right to the car and turned on my heated seat and drove home with the heat on high.
The only reason I decided to go to the workout is for the upcoming Detroit Race for the Cure which is 5 weeks from Saturday.  This is a huge Race for the Cure.  They do not time.  The first 100 male and 100 female finishers get a medal.  Back in the day, I got the medals.  The last two years, no medal; I didn't even think about that because I was running so slow.  This year, I want to try for it again. 

Runner Nerd
has an iphone 

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