Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One runner's show of support

Today, I wore the shirt from my first full marathon along with the bib that was posted on Facebook.  I also followed another suggestion - to run 4.09 miles to commemorate that the bomb went off at 4:09 into the marathon.  Today was supposed to be a cross-training day but I wanted to do this. 
I wore the shirt and bib to the Weight Watchers meeting.  I could see people looking at the bib and trying to figure out what it said but nobody asked me about it.  I also wore it into Best Buy to exchange the wrong ink cartridges that I bought for my son yesterday and, again, I could tell that people were looking at it.  I'm not one to do anything to bring attention to myself so it was weird for me.

I had some fun with the pictures I took.  I took one of myself the best I could.  I love having the iphone camera which I can use by looking at the screen and see what I'm aiming at!   I then asked a total stranger who came walking by if she would take my picture.  She asked me about "the paper I was wearing"! I explained to her that runners everywhere are doing this today and she thought that it was such a wonderful thing to do!  She was also shocked at the news of yesterday.
After the run

 I made the above collage on a website where collages can easily be made.  I saw a link to "make collages on your iphone"!!  I downloaded the app and then made this one:
So, that was my run to remember Boston.
I am even more determined to get going on my training for Chicago.

Runner Nerd

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