Friday, April 5, 2013

What a Deal

The other day, I was ordering an iced tea (no food) in the Wendy's drive-thru and I looked up and saw this:
Moonlight Meal Deal
Now, isn't this just what we need!!??  Cheap fast food late at night!! The Moonlight Meal Deal for only five dollars!!  YAYYY!  And, look at all you get - a DOUBLE burger and, not just regular but chili cheese fries and, of course, a LARGE soft drink!!! And, don't forget, this is only after 10PM!  Oh boy!!  No wonder so many people are obese.  I see there is no special deal on a large plain chili late at night - which is 7 Weight Watcher points.  No deal on a grilled chicken wrap which is 5 (I think) points.  (Those are the two fast food items I will get if I desperately need food and am not able to be home at the time.) 
Should this even be called a "meal"?  It's offered after 10PM.  Maybe it would be considered a meal for someone on their way to work on the 3rd shift. 
I just thought the "Moonlight Meal Deal" was funny and so typical.  Let's all go to Wendy's after 10PM and get our $5.00 double burger, chili cheese fries and large pop meal and then go home and go to bed and then wonder why we feel so crappy the next day!!! 
OK, I'm done!
Runner Nerd
did not order Moonlight Meal Deal; has a long run tomorrow

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