Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weather Craziness

Saturday, April 20 - 37 degrees, sunny, snowed on and off, winter tights, 2 winter shirts, headband, gloves
Sunday, April 21 - sunny and much warmer than Saturday.  Would have worn short sleeves, shorts if I had run.  Was very hard to stick to rest day and not run.
Monday, April 22 - 60 degrees, sunny, short sleeve shirt, knee length tights
Tuesday, April 23 - 68 degrees, overcast, short sleeves, shorts
Wednesday, April 24 - 41 degrees, rain on and off, lightweight tights, winter shirt, headband

According to the weather thingy on my iphone:
tomorrow - 50
Friday - 61
Saturday - 66
Sunday - 66
Monday - 70

PLEASE be right, iphone weather!!!!!!!!!!

I want to run the Detroit Race for the Cure in my cute running skirt that I could not fit into last year!!  (May 18)

25 years ago today, I had my first baby.  I can't possibly be old enough to have a 25 year old kid. 

Runner Nerd
has had enough winter

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