Sunday, December 26, 2010

1200 miles

This morning I ran 10 miles with a group from the Y.  During the run I passed 1200 miles for this year!! 
This is also the longest I've run since my marathon.  I ran 8 a couple weeks back.  I was dragging the last mile.  According to Garmy I burned 1182 calories!!  Too bad that I ate about 6 times that many yesterday!
It was cold, windy, snowy and icy: everything you could ask for to make a run fun and interesting.  I've been having problems running on these snowy, icy trails.  I must be messing up my stride or something because my left lower calf and ankle will hurt when I'm running.  That doesn't usually happen. I ran 3 miles on Christmas Eve morning on a paved trail and there were places that were icy and for most of the run the footing was bad.  My feet slipped on most steps but I never fell or almost fell,  Then, when I was done running and walking back to my car I slid and nearly fell twice!  I guess walking to the car is more dangerous than running! 

I'm getting exited for New Years Eve!!  The weather forecast right now is high 40, low 33 for the 31st and high 42, low 33 for the 1st.  If it's in the 30s at midnight that won't be all that bad for running!  I won't even need my most hard-core winter gear! 

Runner Nerd
runner of 1200 miles in 2010!

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