Thursday, December 9, 2010

29 miles to go!

I got my log book caught up and discovered that I now have 1171 miles for the year which leaves 29 to hit 1200!  I think I can manage 29 miles in 3 weeks!  I run tonight with the Thursday night gang so I will get 4-6 so maybe I will be down to only 23 to go! 
I'm not sure if I wrote about when I hit 1000 miles back in October.  I was running a half marathon as my long run 2 weeks out from my marathon.  Going into the half I had 988 so when I crossed the 12 mile mark that put me at 1000!  Yep, I shouted out that I just ran one thousand miles since Jan. 1!! (I'm really good at being a dork!)  Several people said congratulations and good job!  A couple of women were just amazed as if it's something unheard of.  I know people who run much more in a year, even 2000 + miles. 
Well, Runner Nerd is off to Psychology class now! Only 1 more week to go!!!!!!!

Runner Nerd
off to campus

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