Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where have I been?

Is it really December 5th? 
I started to write about my marathon then saved it as a draft and then never got back to it.
Well, I finished!  It didn't go quite as planned not that I had any plans.  I figured I should be able to run 4:30.  I went out with the 4:30 pace group, AKA the Oprah pace group.  I was right there with them into the 20s.  I slowed down some but I could still see the sign up a ways ahead of me.  My legs really started hurting and when I passed by the 23 mile sign my legs started cramping.  It got harder to run.  I walked a little, maybe a couple minutes and I started running again but the cramps in my calves got really bad.  I walked quite a bit during that mile.  The cramping finally stopped and I got going again and I ran without stopping from the 24 mile mark on.  Somewhere in the 25th mile I heard my name and a familiar voice.  I couldn't figure out who was talking until I realized that a bike was riding along beside me!  It was a friend from the Y!  He talked and kept me going.  It was a tough last mile.  I didn't think I was ever going to see the finish line but finally it came into view!  As always at Grand Rapids the race director was right there at the finish line with arms wide open!  He hugs everyone!!  Soooooooo, I ended up with 4:53 something.  I was a bag of emotions.  Of course, I was disappointed that I couldn't keep up with the 4:30 pace group and this is my last marathon until I graduate and I was sad about that.  I saw some friends and talked to them a little.  One of them had won the masters division.  She had already showered, dressed and came back.  (I had joked with her a few weeks before that by the time I finish she'd probably be half way home!)  I had to sit down and the only place to sit was on a curb.  One of my friends was sitting down there too.  My legs started to cramp really really bad and I had to get back up which was a very difficult thing to do.  I started to wander over to pick up my bag which had a jacket in it.  I made the long walk back to my hotel room.  (it's actually a very short walk and only took a couple of minutes before the marathon.)  I showered and I just felt horrible.  I laid down and next thing I knew housekeeping was opening the door at 3 pm. to see if I had ever left.  I guess I fell asleep!  I hurried and gathered up my things and stuffed them into my bag and got out of there.  It was a very long drive home.  I tried to eat.  I stopped at a McDonalds and got a cheeseburger and I felt a little better after eating it. 
On the way home I got a call from work and had to go to a client's house.  I'm glad it only took a few minutes.  Then my son called and asked if I could bring home a pizza.  I was just getting off the highway in Chelsea so I stopped at Cottage Inn and ordered and waited about 10 minutes for the pizza. I FINALLY got home at 7 pm.  (7 hours after I finished the marathon!) 
So, that was my marathon day.  I can't remember what the temperature was but it was nice.  I did not need a throw away shirt.  I wore a sleevless shirt and a running skirt that I bought just a few days before the marathon.  I know, rule #1 don't wear anything new!  I got lucky, I really liked the skirt.  It was a bit longer than most running skirts I've tried on and the shorts under it were clingier around my legs and they didn't slide up.  It turned out to be very comfortable.  (and quite cute too, in my opinion!!)

So, that's it! My 5th marathon. 
Since then I've run 12-20 miles per week, a few races, a fun run, a relay and continue to run with my Tuesday morning ladies and Thursday night group.  My longest run since the marathon was 8 miles a week ago and it went good but I was worn out.  I also continue to be the nerd that I am!  Two weeks left of this semester and then the real fun begins!!  In January I begin the respiratory therapy program and will be a full time college student for 2 years. 

I know nobody reads this but I feel better now that I feel like I got caught up with my blog!!
Runner Nerd


  1. hey, i read it :)

    way to hang in there and finish despite cramping up

  2. awwww thanks! I'm an expert at hanging in there and finishing despite cramping up now!! This wasn't as bad as in the spring.
    Not as exciting as your marathon report!