Friday, December 31, 2010

The final hours of 2010

Where did this year go?  Here it is, the final hours of 2010.  I'm sittin in my hotel room in New York City.  My sister and I decided on Christmas of last year to do this Midnight Run in Central Park.  It was a whole year away and now here it is!!  I've been looking forward to this all year.  I went and got my packet at the New York Road Runners place on 89th street this afternoon.  I got a long sleeve tshirt, socks, and a bag.  (I bought the bag).  It's not going to be super cold.  MSN weather says it's going to be 41 at midnight.  A friend told me that last year it was bitter cold.  I was walking in Central Park this afternoon; I've never been there before!!  I saw many runners and it made me want to be running too.  My daughter and I have been wandering around the city all day with my sister and brother in law.  My sister used to live here and still comes here quite often for her job so she knows her way around which is so helpful.  Last night we went out for dinner then wandered around.  We went to Times Square last night since tonight it would be nearlly impossible to get anywhere near tonight.  It was like another world!  It was late at night but when we came up out of the subway it was like it wasn't even night; it was so lit up!  I was like a kid!  I was so excited about everything!  I took a lot of pictures which I will post soon.  The streets right in Times Square were already closed last night and things were being set up and we could see the 2011 at the top of where the ball drops from.  It wasn't lit up but it was visible up there!

2010 was an OK year as fas as my running.  I logged just over 1200 miles, I ran 2 marathons, 2 half marathons and several other races of varying distances.  I did not PR in anything.  
2010 was a pretty good year for college.  I got 4.0 in all the classes I took.  I got accepted into the RT program which is what I have been working toward. 
I don't know what 2011 holds.  I will be a full time college student now.  I am registered for a half marathon on Memorial Day weekend and also plan on running the half at Grand Rapids in the fall and would like to try for a new PR.  I'm not doing any more marathons until I'm done with school.

Well, I have about an hour to rest before we are going to leave to head back to Central Park to ring in the new year with a run!!  What better way is there!! 

Happy New Year to anyone who happens to read this!!

Runner Nerd
reporting from New York City!!!

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