Sunday, January 6, 2013

Longest run and 2 weeks to go!!!

Two weeks from today I will be running in Key West, Florida!!  I will be in the southernmost city in the United States!!  I will be where it is "far from normal, close to perfect"!!! (

Yesterday I ran my longest run in my training for this half marathon.  I ran 12.2 miles.  It was cold - 30 degrees, which isn't really that bad but I just wasn't enjoying it.  Part of my run was on dirt roads which had been plowed but still had snow on them.  Most of the time it was fine running but there were places where there was more snow and it was harder to run on.  I decided to use my ipod on this run.  I rarely run listening to music.  I was never on a main road.  I combined a couple of my 4 mile routes in Chelsea and added 4 miles on Trinkle Rd out and back from the high school.  I ran really slow.  I know I'm not going to be able to run this half in under 2 hours but I really really hope that I can run it faster then I ran yesterday.  I'd like to think I could do 2:10 but 2:20 is the most I want to be out there.

My daughter leaves to study abroad on Tuesday.  She will be gone 3 months.  I think that will be the longest I've ever went without seeing her.  We won't be able to talk very often either.  She will have internet access so I will get emails from her.  When she went to Africa on a Lutheran mission trip when she was 17 there was no contact at all; that was hard.  After she leaves, I have to get myself in gear and review for my board exam.  I would like to take it on Monday, a week from tomorrow.  I guess I just need to sign up for it that day and then I am committed.

Thursday will be 10 days out from Key West which, to runners, means - 10 day forecast!!!  It's both good and bad!  I don't know why I continue to look at it every time I have a major race.  It changes daily; it can go from one extreme to the other.  I have been following the weather in Key West for several months now and it really doesn't fluctuate much.  This time of year it is consistently in the 70s; in the summer it's consistently in the 80s.

Next Saturday I will be running 8 miles which sounds easy but I'm going to use a night cross country race that I've done several times as my run.  So much for easy!  I've already told my friends who also run this race that I'm going to be very cautious out there because I'm not taking any chances of falling or even twisting an ankle.  The run is on the grounds of a high school; some of it is on their cross country course and some in parking lots and driveways that wind around the athletic fields.  The cross country course parts usually have deep snow and there's a big hill!

Well, I'm off to help a panicky kid get packed for 3 months of traveling!! 

Runner Nerd
off to Key West in 12 days!

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