Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I passed!!!

I am now Runner Nerd, CRT!  I passed my first board exam today!  I can now get licensed to practice as a Respiratory Therapist!  I will send that in tomorrow.

When I finished my exam, I felt like an idiot.  I felt like I guessed at so many questions.  I didn't think there was any way that I could have passed that exam and I was not very proud of myself and feeling very defeated.  I went from the testing room into the office and the lady did her thing which resulted in a piece of paper coming from the printer.  She had to look at the very top of the paper to verify the name and ID# and then she handed it to me upside down.  She had not looked at the rest of the page; she just folded the top of it over.  She said to me that I didn't look very happy.  I took the paper and turned it over.  I saw a lot of numbers and had to look around and finally I saw the words, "you have PASSED this..."  I almost cried!!  Passing is 75 and I had 88 so I guess I did just fine.  I was very happy but I was just drained.

After the exam, I went to my friend's apartment and we went running.  We ran 5 miles and I was so slow and was barely moving the last mile.  I was just so exhausted and my whole body just felt crappy.  She had to keep slowing and waiting for me to catch up.  

I haven't even begun too pack for Key West and I leave the day after tomorrow!  Tomorrow is definitely packing day.  I can't believe that it's here already. 

Well, I'm going to get my tired out self to bed so I can get up at a decent hour and get myself packed for a vacation!! 

Runner Nerd
passed boards

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