Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Running in the Rain and Panic over Garmin failure

It's Tuesday so that means it's running group night!  It rained all day.  I HATE running in the rain.  I don't just dislike it; I really hate it.  I don't do getting soaked, especially my feet.
I went to group run and was getting ready, complaining like nobody's business about the rain, and went to turn Garmie on and...nothing.  Oh noooooooo, PANIC, Garmie won't turn on.  I put her on her charger and plugged her in after my last run on Sunday and then forgot about it.  She was on the charger for 2 days.  One of the running store workers said he's read or heard something about it and that there is something you have to do but didn't remember what to do.
It was 54 degrees but it rained steady all during our run.  I can't imagine what people thought when they saw this group of people out there in the dark and in steady rain running!!  I was miserable within the first quarter mile.  Did I mention that I don't like running in rain one little bit?  We ran our designated winter route which circles through 2 subdivisions with minimal main road running.  (designated by the running store owners for winter running after dark)  There were puddles here and there which made for wet feet.   Right at the end of the run I stepped off the curb where we have to cross the street to return to the store and stepped in ankle deep, freezing cold water. 
I took dry clothes to change into, which I did immediately upon returning. 
A soaked runner
I don't know if this picture really shows how soaking, dripping wet I was!  As I was peeling off the wet running clothes, they were dripping!  There was a puddle on the floor when I picked them up!
When I went to my car to leave, I couldn't believe how warm it felt.  A few days ago we had single digit and teens temperatures.  I went to Whole Foods to get a few things and, of course, within minutes of leaving the running store...IT STOPPED RAINING!!!!!  Yep, that's how it always happens!
This evening after coming home, dinner and a shower, I set out to see if I could find any information on my non-functioning Garmin.  I found it right away, thanks to Google awesomeness!  Leaving it on the charger for so long can cause it to freeze.  I had to push the Lap, Mode, and Power buttons at the same time and hold until it came on!!!!  I was sooooo excited!!!  I got the "Low Battery" message as soon as it came on.  Must be leaving it on the charger too long charges it and then uncharges it!!  I'm just glad my running partner is ok!
Tomorrow afternoon I am meeting up with my friend, Erika.  If it's not raining, we will go running.  I am going to show her all my Key West pictures and tell her all that she missed by not being able to go!!

I have scheduled the next exam I have to take in the process of becoming a Registered Respiratory Therapist.  I take the 2nd exam next Thursday, Feb. 7 so I have a little over a week to study.

Runner Nerd
runs in rain

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  1. Oh, I hate running in the rain too! I honestly don't mind a light drizzle, but anymore than that is not fun! My last half marathon it POURED almost the whole time. It was miserable! Because of my feet being soaking wet, I got a horrible blister on the back of my ankle. I was a bloody, wet mess when it was over. But I got an 18 minute PR, so that made me happy. :)
    Good luck on your exam!!