Friday, January 25, 2013

Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K

I signed up for a virtual 5K through a woman's blog that I read.  She organized a virtual 5K on her birthday.  The 5K had to be run at any time during the day of January 25th and anywhere one usually runs.  I chose to go in to the paved trail to run and then I showered at the YMCA and then had to get to an eye Dr. appointment.
The trail was snow covered but not as deep as it was the day I did my 10 miler out there.
snow covered trail

It was cold, I think it was 21 degrees when I ran.  I ran as if I was really running a race.  I ran as fast as I could with the snow.  It wasn't too bad but sometimes my feet would slip on push off.  I never even had to wait for any cars at the two places that I have to cross roads!!
Sooooo, this is me just after finishing:
self pic after finishing virtual 5K

5K results
The gal, Katie, asked participants to post a picture for her.  When I went to post my picture, I saw that quite a few people combined a picture of themselves and a picture of their garmin or the treadmill screen.  I have no clue how to do this so I googled it.  I found numerous instructions and tried unsuccessfully many times before I finally got a somewhat successful collage!!  Anyone who knows me knows that computers and I don't get along well!!  Here is the result that I posted for the virtual 5K race director:
I did this!! 

Garmin Connect link to my 5K:Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K

This is the first time I've run since returning from Key West.  As I was running, I had flashbacks to July when I was out there with the triathlon training group doing speedwork, when the temps were in the 90s and my plantar fasciitis forced me to quit early and limp back to my car in tears.  It was not pleasant flashbacks but it, once again, reminded me that I did the smart thing to take the 2.5 months off running because I run pain free now!!  I'm still nervous about getting my mileage back up to where it should be.  I do not want to go through that again; it affects more than just running; it affects all the walking I have to do.   My sister in law and I will be registering for the Chicago Marathon when it opens on Feb. 19th.
This was fun!  The woman, Katie, is part of the 12 person relay team that I wrote about a while back.  I'm glad I did it!

My daughter is loving Belize even though she has homework every day and exams on weekends.  I'm glad to hear that the students are kept busy so they don't have time to get themselves in trouble!!  She sent me this picture the other day.  She wrote, "Hiked through the jungle mud, got completely soaked, fell a couple times but we finally found the waterfall. I love Belize!"  The kid I know would have been whining and having a fit about mud and falling and getting soaked!! 
It's hard work studying abroad in Belize

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