Sunday, January 13, 2013

Running in Mud

Last night was the Ididarun which is an 8 mile night cross country race that is usually in at least ankle deep snow and freezing cold.  I looked up my blog post from last year and it was in the high 30s, no snow and very muddy. This year it was 56 degrees when we started and the portions of the race on the school cross country course were very muddy in places.  One portion that went across a big grass yard was just very wet which made for soaked feet.  The course is 4 loops so it's worse each time around.
Because it was so warm, I did not wear a hat or headband which resulted in my headlamp falling on my forehead!  One of my friends took this picture just as I was going to adjust it!  I had to adjust it quite tight to keep it where it belongs.  

headlamp almost covering eyes!

running group friends ready to play in the mud!

I am the one in the bright yellow shirt.  My headlamp still wasn't adjusted right.  The guy on the far left in grey shirt was the race winner. 
muddy shoes are the result of a great run!
This picture really doesn't show the mud on my legs.  My legs were all muddy as well as my shoes. The back side of my lower right leg had the most mud!

With this 8 mile run I am now done with long runs in training for Key West!!!   One week from today is the race!!
In 5 days I'll be in Key West!!  I so can't wait!!!

Runner Nerd
muddy running shoes and all trained for Key West

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