Saturday, April 26, 2014

10 miles for the first time in forever

I ran ten  miles today!  I went to the group long run this morning.  The course was a 10 mile loop and I couldn't find any good way to cut back for 8 miles other than going out 4 and back 4 and everyone knows how much I hate out and backs.  I've run 8 miles 4 times now so I decided to go for it and do the whole ten mile loop.  It went pretty good, the last mile got tough but I felt pretty good when I was done. 
We got out on roads we haven't run on since the fall.  There was over a mile on a dirt road; it was kind of hard to run on.  I haven't run on a dirt road in quite some time.  Wednesday night the running store group run also went out in an area we avoided in the winter which included mostly dirt roads and I noticed that they were hard to run on.  I think it's the unevenness of the road and this time of year they are full of holes.  I felt like I was always dodging holes. 
This week I'm going to have higher mileage that I've had in a long time.  I've already run 25 miles and I still have one more day! 
I went out to run on Monday after all my friends running Boston were beyond the halfway point.  I ran in Chelsea.  I intended to run five miles but the route I was thinking was five was actually six miles so I ran six miles.  The temperature hit 70 degrees that afternoon!  It was the first time I wore a sleeveless top this year!  In true Michigan style, the next day I needed a coat! 

Soooooo, Meb won the Boston Marathon wearing Sketchers shoes! 
I was so excited watching Shalane lead the marathon most of the race and was sad to see her fall back.  At seventh place she still broke the American female record! 

Most of the people I know who ran the Boston Marathon had slower than usual times.  \

Getting up crazy early and running ten miles makes for a tired nerd so it's off to bed.  I can barely keep my eyes open! 

Runner Nerd

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