Monday, April 7, 2014

Remembering a special doggy

Today would have been our dog's 6th birthday.  It's only been five days since he left us and we still miss him a lot.  We keep finding things that remind us of him. 
He loved watching the farming action.  

watching his boy chisel plow
The vet called today with the pathology results of the mass that was removed from his abdomen.  It was a rare type of dog tumor.  It was a cancerous tumor even though they didn't think it was to begin with.  I did some googling and found out that it's usually seen in older dogs and once it's removed, the dog either recovers or doesn't.  He was one of those who didn't.  It does help to know that we made the right decision in not doing another surgery because it doesn't help the dog much and most will still die within three months. 
I am glad that we took him to the MSU Veterinary Hospital.  They are wonderful there.  They even have social workers there.  One talked to me on Wednesday when I was visiting the dog and one called the next day because he had died.  She said that they will call again in about a week. 

Well, I just wanted to remember him on his birthday.

Runner Nerd
misses the dog who drove her nuts

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