Friday, April 18, 2014

Birthday Party in Chicago

My Birthday party is in Chicago this year!! 
I'm finally registered for the half marathon on my birthday!  This half marathon wasn't as simple as just filling in my information and registering.  They have shuttles from different locations around downtown Chicago the morning of the race.  Tickets for the shuttles have to be purchased with registration.  I had to do some research and find a place to stay close to a shuttle location.  I like to stay walking distance to races but I couldn't find any hotels walking distance to this race.  It's in Jackson Park.  The closest I found is nearly a mile away.  I'm staying near Millennium Park which is where one of the shuttle stops is.  I will probably leave my car at the airport long term parking.  I can take the train from the airport to a stop not too far from my hotel and not have to change trains.

I'm now registered for two half marathons this fall.  Chicago and the Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon in November, as I wrote about in my last post.  I also would like to run the Detroit Women's Half Marathon, also in September but I haven't registered yet. 
That would make half marathons on September 7 and 21, two weeks apart and then on November 16, eight weeks later.  The Detroit International Half Marathon is on October 19, half way between the women's and Vegas but I don't know if I'll add that one in or not.  I did call this my year of half marathons! 

I'm happy that my training runs will be half the distances of last summer!  Marathon training is long and time consuming.  I'm figuring on my longest run being 14 miles this year. 
Researching hotel locations in Chicago is also time consuming!  It's tiring too so I'm off to bed now.

Runner Nerd
spending her birthday running in Chicago

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