Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ten Running Blogger Questions

Just in case someone actually reads this -- I have absloutely NO idea why this post looks like this.  I've tried everything to fix it.  I may try to retype it but not right now.  I'm a nerd but not a computer nerd! 

The following ten questions were questions that a blogger, Runs for Cookies, who I follow, answered for a blogging award that she was nominated for.  She asked her readers to answer the same questions just for fun.  Sooooo, here are my answers to the ten questions.  

1. Who was your biggest role model as you first started running?

 A trainer at the Jackson, MI YMCA whose spinning and strength workout classes I attend, Jeff Beagle.  I call him Coach but most people call him Beag.  He's completed many Ironman Triathlons.  When I decided to run my first 5K in 2004 he was very helpful.  I never intended to run any longer race than a 5K.  I blame Jeff Beagle for the fact that I've run quite a few longer distance races, including six marathons!

2.  What is your best running memory?

 My best running memory has to be the Emerald Nuts New Years Eve Midnight Run in Central Park in New York City on December 31, 2010/January 1, 2011.  It was more fun than people should be allowed to have!  There were fireworks right overhead for nearly two miles.  There were so many people. I got passed by a giant banana about a quarter of a mile from the finish!  I hope I get to do this again someday.  
Running across the Mackinac Bridge on my Labor Day birthday in 2009 is also a special running memory. (My birthday falls on Labor Day again next year so I'm going to apply for the bridge run again.) 
Those two runs are tied for best running memory!  I just can't pick one. 

3. The time you now spend running; what was it filled with before you started running?

I was busy raising kids.  I was a stay at home Mom for eleven years.  When the kids were little,  I played outside with the kids a lot.  I took the kids to a lot of events for kids such as library story hour.  The kids were a little older when I started running.  I used to read a lot more than I do now.  I think I read several books per week back then. 
4. What is your favorite TV show?

I don't watch very much TV but I think my favorite right now is The Pioneer Woman.  I have the thingy set to record it automatically and I watch it every now and then when I get the chance.  I think I have 12 unwatched episodes right now! 

5. What is one habit you won't give up, even though you know it is not the healthiest?
Staying up way too late and not getting enough sleep.

6. If you could have lunch with someone famous, who would you pick?

Ben and Jerry, to thank them for making the world a better place!!! (hopefully, they would bring me lots of their ice cream!)

7. What is your favorite season for running?

Summer!  I love the summer.  I love the sun.  I hate to be cold.   I hate all the layers I have to wear in the winter.

8. Describe the one route you would be okay running over and over for the rest of your life. 

My favorite route is a 4.5 mile route that begins in Bandemer Park in Ann Arbor, MI, runs along the trail along Argo Pond, over the dam and along the trail that runs along the Huron River, goes under Broadway Street, continues along the river through Riverside Park, crosses Maiden Lane and continues along the river in Island Park, circles around the little park, follow the path back to Argo, turn right instead of going over the dam to go into Argo Park, runs along the other side of Argo Pond, through the woods, up the steps to the boardwalk along Barton Road and back into Bandemer Park, circle around by the entrance, over the bridge and back to my car! 
I could run this route every day!  
I tried to get the map from Garmin Connect but I couldn't do it so this is a link to my last run there:
My favorite running route 

9. If time and money were not an object, where would you choose to go on vacation?

Key West, FL.  I've run the Key West Half Marathon the last two years.  I love it there.  It's so expensive to fly there so it's not somewhere I can't just take off and go down there for a few days to go running.   
Running along the ocean in Key West

10. What is your favorite pastime other than lacing up the running shoes?
Playing the piano 


  1. Your run in Key West looks great! I ran Duval Street each morning, which wasn't the best place to run. Key West is so small that it would be pretty hard to get in a long run, too! I'm intrigued by a half-marathon there, though. Maybe someday :)

    1. My hotel was out toward the Southernmost Point, one street over from Duval. I could run a few blocks and be running along the water on the half marathon course! I was there the first time a week after you ran the relay there. I rented a bike and rode my bike all over Key West. It's small but there is a lot more than just Duval Street and downtown! The half is the 3rd Sunday in January every year!