Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sad day

Yesterday I wrote briefly about our dog having to have surgery.  He was beginning to recover and seemed to be doing much better this morning.  I visited him at the MSU Veterinary Hospital at 1pm.  He was much more with it today than he was yesterday.  He wouldn't eat for me but he was alert and looking around much more than yesterday.  Then, I got a call about 4:30 pm.  He had begun having some problems and was not doing so well anymore.  They needed to open him up again but even if they did there still wasn't a good prognosis so we had to make the very difficult decision to not go ahead with any more surgery.  He died shortly after 5pm. 
He would pose for selfies although we had to be quick!
He would pose for selfies
He would wear a Halloween costume:
Pumpkin dog  
He was a naughty dog who liked to take things off the counters and island in the kitchen!
Oh boy!  I got a sleeve of crackers! 

He liked his John Deere Tractor toy:
Of course, John Deere toys were his favorites!
We will definitely miss this dude.  He drove us nuts sometimes with his howling and barking at nothing.  I guess that's what hound dogs do.  He was a happy dog who had a lot of fun in his 6 years.  I know we gave him a good life.  He got his own couch, he got a hot dog and a piece of bread every day when the boys got home.  He flipped waste baskets over and scattered the contents whenever he got the chance.  He swiped my bananas off the counters, he could stand with his front feet on the table and beg for food (see picture in yesterday's post!).  He occasionally got into trouble and got sent outside for a while but we weren't too hard on him and he got away with a lot.  He had a bunch of toys but his favorite thing was to raid the recycling bin for plastic bottles that made a lot of noise when he chewed on them. 
He's buried at the farm he loved with a couple of toys that he loved (and the squeaker that he worked hard at for a long time to get out of one of them) and with a brand new Pioneer hat that he got a hold of and chewed holes in the day his boy brought it home.  We decided to keep the John Deere tractor toy to remind us of him.
Pioneer Mr. Dog Faist
4/7/2008 - 4/2/2014
Pioneer Mr. Dog Faist

We're really going to miss you.

Runner Nerd
had a sad day

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