Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tutus and Twinkies

I ran races on Saturday and today.  Saturday was the Tutu 5K in which I, Runner Nerd, wore a tutu for the very first time!  I think I mentioned it the other day when I wrote about the tutu bashing in SELF magazine article.  Here I am:
Runner Nerd in a tutu
I ran my fastest 5K ever!  Well, I guess I should mention that the course was a bit short, .43 mile short to be exact!  Yep, Garmie says I ran 2.67 miles which makes perfect sense for a time of 22:45!  That's an 8:32 pace; I can believe that.  A 22:45 5K is 7:20 pace and I know I can't do that!  I don't even know if I could run one mile at that pace.  After the race I ran 3.5 more miles without the tutu.
Today, April 1st, was the annual April fool's Day Twinkie Run in Ann Arbor.  It takes place on April 1st every year, regardless of the day of the week it falls on.  This race is one I like to do because it is for ALS.  My Grandfather had ALS back when almost nothing was known about it.  I get to eat Twinkies!  Those who participate in the Twinkie eating have to eat a Twinkie before crossing the start line after the gun goes off and then halfway through the race.  You have to stop at the Twinkie station to eat the Twinkie and cannot start up until it is eaten.  You get a minute deducted for each Twinkie!
Twinkie ready at the start
Twinkie medal
After finishing the race I got a drink and then took off on a different trail in the same park and ran another 2.6 miles.  I went to my car to get my jacket and then got back just in time to hear my name called for winning my age group! I got a glass with the race logo on it.  

Age group win! 
It was 50 degrees!  It was also quite windy.  The trails where the race was run are cleared all winter so they were clear and dry but where I ran afterward isn't cleared during the winter.  Most of the snow is gone but there were areas on this trail that still had snow.  I hope that today is the last time my shoes step in snow for a long time.
snow on the boardwalk
Well, that's about it for now!
Runner Nerd
eats Twinkies for a good cause

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