Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blackberry adventures

I got a Blackberry today!!!  I have no clue what to do with the thing!  The guy in the store showed me how to make a call and send a text message.  He also set up my email address and, of course, Facebook!  I tried posting something to Facebook and failed miserably!!  I would be typing and then it would be gone so I'd start over; turns out that all of the partial messages showed up!!  Yes, my friends are laughing at me!  I promised that I'd not try any more Facebooking with the phone! 
I spent some quality time with the instruction book!  I took a picture with it too!  I was always saying that I was the last person on earth to have a cell phone with no camera!!  I now have a camera on my phone!  I can probably blog from the phone too; I will have to look into that.  I know people do it from their Iphones. 
No running today, resting and recovering from the 25K.  Normally I would do a short recovery run but I am being oh-so-careful with the hamstrings.  I told a friend today that I am treating them like they are so fragile.  I don't know if they are or not.  I just want to make it to the marathon and then make it through the marathon and 4+ hours of running. 

The college kids are home now and the wireless internet card and router are not working very well and it is not a very happy place right now.  I guess I will be on the phone with both Verizon about the card and the router support people to see if we can get it working.  I am getting so tired of this.  I am paying way too much $$ for something that is not working properly. 

Well, my time with the wireless card is up; have to pass it on to next in line.  This is getting really old.

Runner Nerd
with a new toy!
(will post pics soon)

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