Friday, May 7, 2010

In Grand Rapids

I'm in Grand Rapids where I will be running the Riverbank 25K run tommorrow!!
I went to the expo, picked up my packet, looked everything over, went to the pasta dinner and did one other thing...
What am I doing in this picture??  I am signing up for something!
I signed up for the Grand Rapids Marathon!  I had already decided that I wanted to do it.  The price goes up soon and they offered a discount to sign up during this expo so why not!!

Well, I have a 25K to run tomorrow so I better head to bed!
I'm staying in a hotel that is only a few minutes walk to the start.
I'm just treating this as a long run for the big event that is 3 weeks from tomorrow!!  Yep, 3 weeks till M day!!  3 weeks from right now I will be in a hotel in Traverse City trying to sleep on the eve of my next marathon!!

See ya after the race!!

Runner Nerd
all runner tomorrow!

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