Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Marathon training complete

I ran my last run today!!  The next running I do will be the marathon!!  It's so hard to believe it is so close!
I am excited but nervous!  I am becoming a mess of nerves and anxiety!
As of right now the forecast for Saturday is sunny, high temp 80, low 59.  I hope the marathon hours stay in the 60s.  As soon as I am done it can jump to 80; that will be fine with me!!!

I ran 5.5 miles this morning at an easy pace.  I ran at 10 am and it was warmer than I realized.  I don't know how warm it was but I was really surprised.
I don't know why I figured this out but the time between my last run and the start of the marathon will be 68 hours which is something like 2 3/4 days of rest.  (11am Wednesday through 7am Saturday)  This is the kind of stuff going through my mind while running this morning.  I tried to think about the paper I have to start for my English class but couldn't do it, the other thoughts kept creeping into my brain.  I think I decided what I am going to wear.  I forgot to call the hotel to see if my room will have a microwave; I really need to do that.  I have to plan what I am going to eat the morning of the race.  I also think that I decided that it is going to be vanilla Gu every 5 miles. yippie.  I need to pack too.
I have to work a few hours tomorrow afternoon.  I hope to begin packing tomorrow morning.  I am not going to running group tomorrow night.  I will really miss it.  I do have to stop and get the Gu packets.  Maybe I will do the warm up stretching with them.  It all depends on when I get out of work.

Well, I guess it's time for bed.  I hope I can sleep!
Runner Nerd
ready to run a marathon

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