Friday, May 28, 2010

It's marathon night!!!!!!!!!

I'm in Traverse City!!  Got here about 3:30, checked in, walked to local running store (which just happens to have the same name as the one back home!), got my Gu stash (nothing like waiting till the last minute!), came back and then left for packet pick up.  It took me almost an hour to get there and it's only a few miles away!!!!!  This town is a zoo!  I just got back from dinner which I ate in the restaurant in the hotel.  I'm back in my room now.  It is so beautiful and sunny out and my hotel  is right on the bay.  I can see people everywhere walking on the beach and the sidewalks.  How am I going to go to bed??  I want to go wander around downtown.  I know I better stay off my feet.  I do have to make a trip to a grocery store because I have nothing to eat in the morning.  This room does not have a microwave or a fridge so that limits what I could bring.  I guess I will go get a bagel and a couple bananas.  The bus comes to the hotel at 5:15am and is scheduled to drop us off at the marathon start at 5:35.  That's almost 1.5 hour before the start. Don't know how I am going to occupy that amount of time. 
Hard to believe this is already here!
Happy Memorial Day weekend!
Runner Nerd

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