Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eating during classes

Sometimes I just don't get it.  I've posted before about things that are so very different from when I was in college wayyyyyy back when after I graduated from high school.  I can't believe how many people eat during classes.  There is ALWAYS somebody eating something and usually several people.  It's usually junk food.  This has been in every class I've been in.  They are also drinking Mt. Dew, Red Bull, Monster, and other of those types of energy drinks.  Today the gal sitting next to me had a bag of pretzels and a big bottle of flavored carbonated water, I think it's 1 liter.  She ate the pretzels the first few minutes of class but during the rest of the 1.5 hour class she unscrewed the cover, drank and replaced the cover every few minutes.  It's not really all that big of a deal just strange.  I don't know if I just don't remember it but I really don't think anyone ever ate in class way back when.
I was talking with one of my running group friends last Thursday.  He's 50 and also going to college.  He was telling me about one of his classes this semester where the teacher started the first class with all the rules which included no talking, no laptops, NO EATING among others.  I sure wish I'd have a class where the teacher says no eating!!  My phychology professor doesn't allow laptops, cell phones or talking during class.  It's kind of funny because I thought all those things would be a given, maybe laptops in certain classes where appropriate but not most classes. 
I'm probably just showing my age and should stop now!!! 
I had to miss my running group this morning due to car problems.  (quite possibly the worst thing to happen after running injuries)  Maybe that's why I was noticing all the annoying things people do in college today--lack of running!!  I did go running after class but it sure wasn't a hard core speedworkout like I would have done in the running group. 

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