Monday, September 20, 2010

The 50 mile week begins!!!

I had the most awesome 6 miler ever!!  Everything was perfect! The weather was great, lots of runners were out there running, walkers walking, bikers biking and rowers rowing!!  I love to see the rowers out there on Argo Pond practicing.  I also had so much fun for another reason!! Why is it so much fun climbing over or ducking under baracades????  The trail along the mill race is closed this week so they can remove fallen trees and fix up a couple places where the edge along the water is bad.  When they are finished for the day there is no reason that people can't use the trail but they leave it closed 24/7 Monday thru Thursday.  (this started after Labor day and not sure how many weeks it's going to take)  The workers were gone when I got to the trail.  A biker was just pushing his bike around the edge of the barracade coming off of the trail so I asked him if there were any workers and he said no so I ducked through the middle of the barracade and continued on.  At the other end of the trail I had to duck through the barricade there and then they had the path under the broadway bridge blocked off so I hopped over that and on I went!  On the way back it was the same in reverse!  The Argo Bluffs trail through the woods is open in Argo Park now but the top of the stairs at the other end is still blocked off so I got to climb over that again!!  I explored a new trail today at the end of Island Drive.  I've seen people on foot and on bikes coming from there and going into it but there are "Do not enter" signs posted.  I decided this was the day to explore since I needed 6 miles and my usual route is only 4.5.  It turns out this used to be a road.  There is a very old and rusted road sign for a sharp curve at one point.  It eventually becomes a still used road.  It looks as if they closed off the road at the last house and from there on did not maintain it anymore.  I could see bike tracks and foot prints so there is regular use of it.  The funny thing is that at the other end where it becomes a used road again there is no "do not enter" sign.  There are posts so that a vehicle can't drive through but no signs. 
After I finished my run I went to a core workout class.  I've been going for a few weeks now.  It's held at the running store.  It's just a 30 minute workout but I am sore the next day!  Tonight I learned that I can't balance on a bosu ball!!  They are getting more and more equipment and this was the first time they've had the bosu balls.  I kept falling off!
This week is my highest mileage week of marathon training!  It will also be the highest mileage week of the entire year!  Hard to believe it's almost time to taper!  Seems like I just started training.
Tomorrow is speed work with a group of mostly women I run with on Tuesday mornings.  The coach is having a photographer there tomorrow to take pictures.
Time for bed. 

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