Sunday, September 19, 2010

ONLY 12 Miles

One of the things I love about the later part of training for a marathon is being able to say things like: "I ONLY ran 12 miles today!"  "Oh, I ONLY ran 10 miles yesterday!!!"  After last weeks 20 miler this weeks long run was ONLY 12 miles and those 12 miles seemed to go by quite fast and I was done before I knew it!!  I even negative split!  I did the run with a training group yesterday morning.  Next week is another 20 miler which will be at a big Detroit Marathon training run in Hines Park.  I am not going to Grand Rapids for the 20 mile training run there because I need to get back home and get ready for a hayride we are hosting here for our church. 
Today I went to the trail for an easy 4 mile recovery run.  Not sure what came over me but I took off and felt really good, not even stiff or anything.  I ran 4 miles in just shy of 37 minutes so just over 9 min miles!!! 
Four weeks from today is M day!!  I'm excited and nervous.  This is going to be the last marathon until I'm done with school so I don't want it to be a disaster; I want it to be fun and memorable and all that so I will be ready to do another one when I'm done with school.
Well, time for some homework.
Runner Nerd

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