Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Shoes!!!!

Last Saturday my feet hurt while running.  Yesterday they hurt again and they were sore last night even after I was home.  The light bulb came on!!  I checked my log book to discover that I had run 529 miles in them.  Time for new shoes!!!!  Tonight was running group at the running store, how convenient!!  I knew that my shoes had been made into a new model so I was hoping that I'd like them as much as I like these.  I needed a half size bigger, 10 1/2,  in the new model, Gel Foundation 9.  (I wore size 11 in the Gel Foundation 6) 
so, anyway, I now have these new very bright white and light blue shoes.  I HAVE TO GET THEM DIRTY!!!  They are sooooooooo white!!  I will take them for their first run tomorrow after work!!  (I got them after the run tonight, didn't get there in time to get them first.)
Old shoes, 532.5 miles.  New shoes, 0 miles.

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