Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fun in the sun and heat

Tuesday and Wednesday were beautiful days!  Both days saw temps in the 90s!!  I love love love it like that!! 
Tuesday night only two of us showed up for running group.  I know most people don't like running in heat like that.  I'm like anyone else; I don't run as well in the heat even though I like it.  We ran 4 miles and I was dripping when I was done!  The last mile was difficult but I still prefer this over the bitter cold of winter runs.  I love wearing shorts and sleeveless tops instead of multiple layers, tights, hats and gloves.  
Yesterday it was back to Wednesday night speed workouts now that my Monday/Wednesday evening class is over.  It was 92 degrees when I left home.  Six people showed up!  We ran on the paved trail. We ran fast for two telephone poles and recover for two telephone poles.  It's almost the same as doing 200s on the track.  We did a 1.1 mile section down and back 3 times.  In my out of shapeness and slowness of late, I fell  behind everyone else on the third set so I changed my plan to one telephone pole fast, one pole recover.  It worked much better for me at that point.  We did a cool-down and called it a workout. I was dripping again.  I had to run into the grocery store for something and I was still sweating!  I'm sure I looked like a dork!!  (I don't even want to think about what I probably smelled like!!) 
I had not seen the Wednesday people for the last 7 weeks that I had class so I told them that I had registered for the Key West Half Marathon on January 20, 2013 as my graduation present to myself!!  They were excited but also told me what I already know - I've got work to do so I can get back to running how I did before becoming the world's oldest college student!! 
I've been trying a couple of new drinks.  Hammer and Gu both came out with a grapefruit flavored tablet.  One of the things I don't like is the sweetness of the sports drinks.  There is still some sweetness but there is also that sour/bitter/sharp tangy taste of grapefruit!  I like them! 
My heel is still bothering me.  Tuesday night it did not bother at all while running but by the time I got home it was hurting.  Last night it was good while running until, for cool-down, we ran across a field toward where our cars were parked instead of taking the sidewalk to the driveway of the school where we parked.  On the grass it hurt.  I have trouble even walking across my yard to go to the mailbox.  My heel does not like uneven ground. 
No running today, went to weight workout class.  I hope to run tomorrow and Saturday and then take Sunday and Monday off so I will be good to go for Tuesday night running group. I really need to get an appointment with the massage therapist who has had good results with plantar fasciitis.  I will feel like such a traitor going to someone other than my usual sports massage therapist extraordinaire.  At least I am going to the same place.  This massage therapy studio recommends her for people having trouble with plantar fasciitis so I know my usual guy wouldn't mind. 

Runner Nerd
with sore foot :(

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