Monday, June 11, 2012

Well, that was interesting

I have mentioned my dumb music class this summer; I can't become a respiratory therapist without taking a class from a list of classes that qualify as a humanities credit. 
Today there was a report due, it was a jazz report.  We were given a list of jazz musicians to choose from and guidelines for the project.  We also had to give a presentation on the musician.  The one thing the professor said was, "Do not stand up here and just read your paper".  He said that it wasn't necessary to make a power-point but to have something visual, such as a picture.  We were also to play some music from the musician.  Sounds simple.  Well....must be it wasn't so simple because six or seven of the students stood up there and just read their papers.  I was beginning to get worried after the first two students just stood up there and read their papers.  I started to think I had misunderstood; I wondered if I was going to be the only one with slides.  There were others with slides; I wasn't nuts!  My presentation rocked!!  I had slides, I was prepared, I knew the material so I did not just read from a paper or from the slides.  I had clips of songs in my power-point.  I better get a better  grade than the paper readers. 
Oh, the funniest thing from class tonight - When the professor said it was time to begin class, he started passing out tests.  The young man behind me said, "what?  I didn't know about that".  Hmmmm....I seem to remember that it's right there on the syllabus: 
Mon. 6/11   Test Chapters 23,24,25   Jazz reports due  Oral presentations
Sometimes it just amazes me.  I always check the syllabus for assignments, test dates, etc.  I also make a master calendar with the dates from all of my classes.  I print out a simple calendar from a website and put the due dates, test dates, etc from all the classes so I can just look at it and see everything.  How can you not know that there is a test in a class???? 

OK, I'm done now.  I'm glad that this report and presentation are done.  Only one more class next Monday and this class is done!!!!  
Tomorrow is a long day of respiratory classes so I'm off to bed now.

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