Monday, June 18, 2012

Music class done!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!  This dumb music class is done!  Tonight was the final exam. I have to say, this class wasn't too difficult.  We could use notes for the tests.  I found that if I took notes during the lecture I had everything I needed.  There was also a guide for the exams and if I went over that and looked up everything on it, exams were easy! 
For the final, we were allowed to use all notes AND past tests for the final.  I got all the notes I took in class and the notes I made for each exam and got them in order and put the chapter tests with the notes for that particular chapter.  I also made myself a little guide to what kinds of things to find in each chapter so I could find things.  I did not know just what the final exam would be like.  It turns out that the final almost went in order from chapter 1 through chapter 27!  Not quite but almost!  In fact, portions of the exam were right off the earlier tests - exactly!  The first thing on the test was a matching - the names of the music periods to match with the dates.  I compared it to the first test and both columns were the same!!  No way, this is too easy!!  The 2nd section was also right off an earlier unit test!!  In spite of this, I could hear all this paper shuffling and page turning from all over the room.  That was hard to believe since all I'd seen so far was straight from earlier tests.  I couldn't help but think, is it possible that other students didn't bring their old tests???????  I was surprised at how fast I went through the test!  There were a few times I had to go back through notes I had taken during class to find things that had not appeared on past tests, but most was easy to find on the old tests.  I was the first person to finish the test; that never happens!  I turned in my test then packed up my notes and as I was leaving all the other students were shuffling through messy piles of papers.  I just find it so hard to believe that nobody else got their notes organized and in order.  Oh well, it's not my problem!!  I am just glad that the class is over!!  Now I can focus all my attention on the classes that count for my career - the respiratory therapy classes.  I now have a humanities credit so I am set for life!! 
Soooooo, that's that!! 

Runner Nerd
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